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There are many webinars and online resources available to support your work in the cultural sector. The list below is not all-inclusive but does highlight some relevant virtual resources. These are not SJCA programs, please address any questions with the host of each webinar.

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BIPOC Leadership Circle Being a Black, Indigenous, Person of Color (BIPOC) in a predominantly white sector or organization has its challenges. Try doing that as a BIPOC person in a leadership position! This eight-part series brings together BIPOC leaders of cultural institutions from across the country to provide support, strategies, and systems of accountability in creating dynamic, new leadership models that center BIPOC experiences. Monday, July 19, 2021
How to Find & Activate Major Donors in 2021  Are you ready to take your fundraising to the next level? Join us and learn how to recognize the value of the new donors you acquired in 2020 and reactivate valuable donors who remain passionate about your mission but may have been lost along the way. By using automated solutions and guided insights, you'll identify and upgrade valuable donors in your file, for fantastic results in your organization. 2020 changed where and how donors upgrade their giving - don't miss out on how to adapt to this shifting trend. After this webinar, you'll be a pro at discovering new donors, nurturing existing supports, and pinpointing the perfect upgrade opportunities. Tuesday, July 20, 2021
Making the Ask One of the most uncomfortable parts of fundraising is asking for money. Join Kelly Medwick, Firespring’s chief business development officer, to learn how to overcome the challenges of asking for fundraising dollars. In this session, we’ll cover why it’s difficult to ask, common mistakes and assumptions made during the process and how to turn this around with 6 simple action steps. Kelly will help you overcome barriers and show how you can fully understand the power of your network. You’ll leave this webinar with for-profit strategies to make your next ‘ask’ a walk in the park. Discover how to: Identify an opportunity through research and collaboration. Illustrate your supporter’s impact to secure an initial meeting. Share how potential donors can play a role in your important work. Resolve concerns and move to close. Tuesday, July 20, 2021
The Secret to Increase Your Fundraising Revenue with Corporate Gift Matching Employer matching gift programs are widespread. In fact, almost 10% of the U.S. workforce is eligible for a corporate matching program. With so many opportunities available, do you think your organization is meeting its gift matching potential? Unfortunately, most nonprofits and educational institutions majorly miss out when it comes to gift matching programs, leading to an estimated $4-7 billion in matching revenue going unclaimed every single year. You’ll learn: The ins and outs of the matching gift industry How matching gift funds can impact your organization Why most organizations don’t meet their matching gift potential How to plan a matching gift campaign Proven matching gift fundraising best practices How the enhanced 360MatchPro and Classy integration can drive donations for your organization Tuesday, July 20, 2021
2021 Creative Aging Institute NASAA’s Creative Aging Institute provides online professional development focused on trends and topics in creative aging for all 56 state and jurisdictional arts agencies. The Creative Aging Institute equips you with the inspiration and information you need to be a successful creative aging leader and champion in your state. All state and jurisdictional arts agency and regional arts organization staff and council members are invited to participate, as are state and national partner organizations with an interest in creative aging. July 20 - 28, 2021
Myths and Misconceptions About Cybersecurity in Nonprofits Ransomware, data breaches, and cybersecurity are words at Sightline Security, which we hear in the news daily. But, what does this mean for your organization? And why/how should you prioritize it amongst the dozens of other operational activities? We will provide answers to some of the most critical questions nonprofits of all sizes and missions are asking. We will give you useful next steps to help you balance cyber investments at your organization Wednesday, July 21, 2021
Scenario Planning in Uncertain Times Finding the Keys is a workshop experience designed to give you real life recruitment and hiring solutions that can be applied across industries. There are no excuses. This is a unique opportunity to roll up your sleeves and do the work with one of the nation's leading subject matter experts. July 22, 2021 October 14, 2021 December 9, 2021*via Zoom meetings
Facebook Fundraising 101 In this fast-moving, interactive session, Director of Hancock Creative, and award winner educator Alecia Hancock, will walk you through the three steps to a successful Facebook Fundraiser. Checking your eligibility and getting yourself set up Running a fundraiser, including the nuts and bolts of how to do it. How to actually create a successful fundraiser. Thursday, July 22, 2021
Storytelling for Impact From the beginning of civilization, storytelling has maintained a uniquely impactful position in defining culture, motivating action and bringing people together. Today’s marketers need to be better storytellers than ever before as more and more stories are told all around us. Join Firespring’s Kiersten Hill as she goes through tips, techniques and tools to help the modern marketer tell better and more impactful stories to activate their audiences around ideas and actions. Key Takeaways: An analysis of the Hero’s Journey and other storytelling frameworks. Tools to aid in the process of compiling and refining the most compelling stories. Using social media story tools to build community and motivate action. Exercises that your team can use in order to enhance and refine your storytelling process. Thursday, July 22, 2021
The Logic Model and Change Map: Tools for Mapping and Managing Impact The Change Map and Logic Model are two powerful, practical tools that help you organize resources toward change – and diagnose misalignments between action and impact. Using these tools together, we can create a visual framework for our collective impact as well as organize your resources to achieve and measure it. Thursday, July 22, 2021
A New Way to Give: Make the Most Out of Donor Feedback with Tips from HundredX Are you searching for a new way to generate funding for your nonprofit? A single 30-day feedback campaign allows your organization to create financial resources by simply asking your supporters to provide feedback on leading companies and brands. Make your supporters feel heard while using their knowledge to better tailor your programs to suit their needs. Join this webinar to tap into new financial pools resulting in better fundraising, better feedback, and better communication across the board. Monday, July 26, 2021
Social Media Q&A Session Some of the most common questions we hear from our nonprofit clients are: How do we know which social media platform would work best for our organization? We have a good number of donors and volunteers, but we might be missing out on other targeted groups, how can social media help? How does social media apply to nonprofits? How can we utilize storytelling in our social media to better capitalize on engagement? This interactive session gives you the opportunity to get expert answers to your questions from Firespring’s director of strategic marketing, Alec McChesney. Plus, learn what other nonprofits are doing to grow their social media presence. Tuesday, July 27, 2021
Sponsors: How to Find Them & Create a Win-Win Join fundraising master trainer, Chad Barger, CFRE, for a workshop focused on maximizing sponsorship revenue for your programs and events (both in person and virtual). The session starts by focusing on identifying potential sponsors and beginning the partnership conversation. It closes with a focus on structuring win-win, long term sponsorship relationships. Tuesday, July 27, 2021
Arts Ed NJ September Forward Statewide Gathering Gather with other arts educators and administrators to move forward in September and beyond. Learn about the new September Forward: 2021 Fall Guidance for Arts Education featuring resources for supporting and delivering arts instruction in changing times. Share ideas with peers for moving forward in new and unprecedented ways. Wednesday, July 28, 2021
Virtual onboarding: How to build culture and connect with remote employees When the world quarantined in 2020, working remotely was a necessity. Now that the world is finding its new normal, remote work is thriving. But the question remains: How do you connect and train with new employees virtually? Join Jonathan Carbin, Laura Caputo Esq., Sharon Kneebone, CAE, IOM, and Wade Koehler, CAE who will go over expectations, company culture, and virtual onboarding techniques within associations. Wednesday, July 28, 2021
Creative Evolutions: Artist Roles in Reimagining the Social Kenneth Bailey of the Design Studio for Social Intervention discusses the "Ideas-Arrangements-Effects" methodology and how artists can lead the way in imagining more just and vibrant arrangements for everyday life. Artists Tiago Gualberto and Marina Zurkow will share their artistic social justice projects, uncovering the overlaps of insight and impact that come about when these two fields meet. Thursday, July 29, 2021
How to Decipher Your Web Analytics (and Use Them to Your Advantage) You can market your organization till you’re blue in the face, but if you don’t know how your efforts are performing, you might find yourself running in circles or spinning your wheels. It’s important to stop. Look at the numbers. Learn from them, then pivot if necessary—and that’s where metrics and web analytics come in. They can steer you in the right direction if you know how to interpret them, then use them. Put your analytics to work and make a huge impact on your organization’s success by using all that information to optimize for future messages, fundraisers and campaigns. Join Molly Coke in this free educational session to discover: What web analytics tell you and why they’re important. The insights you can glean from email marketing metrics. How to target audience segments from your web analytics. How to analyze your data to know what’s working (and what’s not). Your nonprofit website is a powerful tool, and it will provide you with useful feedback if you simply understand how to decipher the web analytics that can help you make smart marketing decisions. Thursday, July 29, 2021
How To Love Your Donors In The Philanthropic Psychology Way In this session we introduce you to the new science of philanthropic psychology - how to grow love for humanity - and show you how you can help fulfil your donors' psychological needs and make a real difference to their lives. Our research has shown that when people feel their giving is meaningful and overtime transformative to their sense of who they are, they give more and they give for longer, leading to improvements in loyalty and retention. We will take you through a series of real-world examples to demonstrate how philanthropic psychology can be applied to nurture, develop donor identities, and achieve sustainable increases in giving (up to 218% increases using multiple channels and campaigns) as a result of sharing genuine love. Learning Objectives: How you can use philanthropic psychology to make a difference in people's lives and identities How to use express love for your donors, purely and simply How to generate heart-felt love that donors can feel Thursday, July 29, 2021
Embracing Strategic Planning as a Community Engagement Tool Rethinking the strategic planning process from a cumbersome and overwhelming task to an opportunity to connect with our community opens the possibilities to engage with those outside our immediate circles. This program will provide participants with insights and ideas to incorporate thoughtful community engagement into strategic planning processes that both diminish the risk of planning within our own bubbles and also inspire new ideas. Thursday, August 5, 2021
Using Custom Keepsakes to Double Your Donations Does your organization need a fundraising boost but is not sure where to start? The right marketing scheme for a custom keepsake could be the answer.  Your nonprofit’s success hinges on smart marketing, and Beacon Design is ready to guide you through everything you need to know about social media, email, and direct mail marketing. Regardless of your marketing budget or the size of your team, there are simple steps you can take to improve your organization’s overall marketing efforts with the help of custom keepsakes. Come prepared to learn and leave with tips, tricks, and best practices to implement in your organization for fast results. Tuesday, August 17, 2021
The Giving Outlook in 2021 Philanthropy (and the world) has experienced a roller coaster of highs and lows over the past year and a half. The COVID-19 pandemic, civic upheaval, a presidential election, and other uncertainties pushed nonprofit leaders and fundraisers to shift, make hard decisions, and adapt to a “new normal.” But out of those trials came unprecedented innovation. While there is no crystal ball for fundraising, trends are pointing up and to the right for most -- but not all -- nonprofit sectors. How will your nonprofit continue to build on the lessons learned from the past year? Tuesday, August 24, 2021
The Power of Video: Using Other Voices to Share Yours With advances in video capturing and editing technology, one minute of video isn't worth a thousand words, it's worth a million. Video can serve you and your mission in many different ways, from bringing donors to the scene, sharing impact, to lifting up your work through personal testimonials. Often our donors, advocates, volunteers, and the communities we serve have inspiring stories of how your organization has changed their life for the better. After this exciting, fun, content-packed webinar, you will be equipped with the skills you need to capture these stories on video and share them out with your audience for enhanced engagement and connection. Tuesday, August 24, 2021
How to Streamline Your Finance Operations to Become More Secure, Efficient and Profitable Come learn about how to make your Nonprofit more streamlined, secure and efficient without it costing you a dime. Learn best practices around modernizing your AP department so you can spend more time and energy on your mission. Thursday, September 9, 2021
Using Video to Build Nonprofit Success Video and other visual productions can get your nonprofit on the map quickly, raising interest, engagement, and donations. In this webinar, we will explore using video as a means to amplify and expand branding or rebranding efforts, fundraising efforts, and social media efforts. We will discuss how, when used properly, video can help you grow your audience and double your engagement with that audience. We'll highlight the important distinction between when you should consider a more grassroots approach versus when to bring in an outside video vendor. By discovering the best approach to maximize benefit from utilizing an outside production team, and you'll leave feeling better equipped to use video how you want it, when you want it. Tuesday, September 14, 2021
Discovering the Value of Your Nonprofit IT Budget We all approach information technology, or IT, from different angles. In this free webinar, get everyone in your organization on the same page about the importance of strategic IT budgeting. Watch your nonprofit thrive after learning how to properly budget for IT, integrate these budgeting decisions at all levels of management, and take to heart how important these strategic decisions are. Better connect with the communities you hope to serve as you learn to tackle data in-take, risk analysis, and user experience. We hope to see you in the virtual format soon! Monday, September 27, 2021
They're Not A Frill If You're Using Them Right: How to Save Money and Get More Done Using High-Skill Volunteers In this webinar, you will discover how to make the most of high-skill volunteers--those lawyers, public-relations specialists, accountants and other professionals who are increasingly interested in donating their expertise.  Explore how to identify major projects on which volunteers can be helpful, how to integrate them into those projects, how to smooth relations between staff and volunteers, and how to make paid personnel more effective in deploying and supervising their unpaid counterparts. Monday, October 11, 2021
Creative Capital Artist Resources, Workshops, and Articles: May-June, 2021 As part of our commitment to help artists find the resources they need to build thriving and sustainable practices, starting this month, every month we will collect a list of links, workshops, and other information to help artists develop their artistic career. This month’s links include workshops by Creative Capital Awardees The Team on producing work collaboratively and a national conference convening artists impacted by criminal legal systems. Multiple Dates/Multiple Topics
Creative Placemaking Communities New webinars and opportunities to connect.  Three new Creative Placemaking Leadership summits this fall.  Opportunities to get involved with CPC's programs.  Interesting stories about creative placemaking  New job and grant opportunities.  Another cool creative placemaking image You can get a lot from Creative Placemaking Communities.  Members get even more. Multiple Dates/Multiple Topics
Performing Arts Readiness Webinars The Performing Arts Readiness project offers free webinars, on-site training, and presentations at professional conferences on various topics related to emergency preparedness: Multiple Dates/Multiple Topics
ARTSU Support Program Through complimentary registration, the ArtsU Support program provides learners the opportunity to expand their knowledge on timely topics pertaining to the arts and culture field such as arts advocacy, cultural equity and leadership, arts management, public art and civic design, arts marketing, and more. The program is designed to create access for anyone to participate in any public ArtsU digital activity, including, but not limited to, standard webinars, Intensives, and coffee chats.* On Demand and Multiple Dates/Multiple Topics
Museum Hub Webinars on Demand The Museum Learning Hub (MLH) is a nationwide initiative organized by the six U.S. regional museum associations and dedicated to providing free, self-paced training resources for small museums. Part of the Digital Empowerment Project, the Hub provides digital media and technology capacity-building programs and resources. This inaugural series of online training and resource toolkits is funded by a National Leadership Grant for Museums award from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. On Demand and Multiple Dates/Multiple Topics
NonProfit Learning Lab Our professionally curated library has recorded webinars plus downloadable resources.  Our resources offer best practices and strategies that can be utilized at any organization. Start browsing and learning today! On Demand and Multiple Dates/Multiple Topics
Tapping ARP State & Local Block Grants for the Arts Americans for the Arts and the Arts Action Fund hosted a 90-minute webinar on how arts organizations can advocate to state and local governments to have some of the $350 billion in American Rescue Plan (ARP) Block Grants directed to them be designated for the arts. The block grants are part of the larger $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan. Prerecorded