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Education and other strong partnering in our communities are central to the Bay-Atlantic Symphony’s purpose. We perform fully symphonic educational concerts—free of charge—at all three of our collegiate venues, reaching over 2,000 students annually, with online study guides written by our Music Director that are a hit with teachers and students. Bay-Atlantic Symphony is unique in its extensive adult education program which brings music scholar, enthusiast, composer and lecturer Paul Somers to cultural centers throughout our region.

We at the Bay-Atlantic Symphony believe great music is for everyone! We are delighted to forge creative bonds within our communities that break down barriers to accessing our innovative programming and spontaneous transformative performances. Partnerships include working with community organizations such as Rotary Clubs, libraries, schools, houses of worship, and special populations such as the visually impaired and Veterans.
Music Director Jed Gaylin is embarking on his 14th season with the Bay-Atlantic Symphony. During his tenure, Bay-Atlantic Symphony has grown in size, scope, and artistry. Concerts are fabled in the region for their spontaneity, fire, subtlety, and vision. Performances are formidable events not to be missed; they are also informal and engaging for audience members. Post-concert dinners, open to all audience members, are just part of the shared celebration. Reveling in a wide variety of repertoire, concerts juxtapose a core of classics with premieres, and exploring unusually formatted concerts.

Cultural Education with the Bay-Atlantic Symphony
Concerts are held at Stockton College and Cumberland County College and are open to visiting school groups. Pre-concert talks and classes are also given, as well as artist-in-residency programs for grades K-12.

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